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Microsoft Teams is the hub for your team to communicate through chats, meetings, and content sharing within your organization. It was initially released in 2017, and then became one of the popular communication media in organizations during the COVID19 pandemic.


Microsoft regularly updates Teams with new features and improvements that made it strong among all other platforms. Now the company detailed all the new features introduced in January 2021 update. Continue reading to know more.

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Application Guard is an enterprise security feature that isolates untrusted documents in an exceedingly virtualized sandbox to guard your users against malicious and potentially harmful threats. When users encounter documents from untrusted sources that are not malicious, they will still be productive without fear about putting devices, data, or identities in their organization in danger.


To help protect your users against zero-day exploits and other advanced attacks through Office 365 documents, Microsoft announced the general availability of Application Guard for Office.

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The popular messaging app, WhatsApp, is adding a new security feature for the web and desktop users. It will now let users confirm their identity using biometric information (Fingerprint, or Face ID) while linking a WhatsApp account on the PC or the web.


The new security feature is going to roll out in the coming weeks to safeguard your account and limit the chances of somebody using your account without your knowledge.

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Microsoft announced the release of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21301 from the RS_PRERELEASE branch. The build is now rolling out to Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel. With the latest Windows 10 build, Microsoft adds some refinements to the touch keyboard design and some other improvements.


If you are a Windows Insider, in the Dev Channel, can grab the build through Windows Update. If you are not on the Insiders Dev channel yet, can sign up via the Windows Insider Program settings tab.

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Microsoft announced the release of the new Windows Feature Experience Pack. The latest build (version: 120.2212.2020.0) of Windows Feature Experience Pack is now being rolled out through Windows Update. Windows Insiders who are in the Beta Channel can now grab this build.


With the latest Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.2020.0, Microsoft is now improving the reliability of the screen snipping experience. Also, they are removing the capability to copy and paste a screen snip directly into a folder in File Explorer. Continue reading further to know about it.

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Last year, Microsoft announced a bunch of new features for Microsoft Teams that also includes support for offline messaging on desktop. Now, according to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, the feature is in the development stage and will release later this month (January 2021).


Microsoft also detailed how this feature will work. To know more about offline messaging on Microsoft Teams, continue reading further.

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Microsoft releases a new Office build 13714.2000 to the Office Insiders. The latest build comes for Windows users who are in the Office Beta Channel. Though there are no major changes in this build, the Government customers (GCC and GCC-H) can now apply sensitivity labels to the Office documents and emails sent through Outlook client.


The latest Office Insiders build 13714.2000 for Windows users also includes few fixes. Here is the list of new changes in this build.

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Microsoft releases a new Windows 10 Preview Build 21296 from the RS_PRERELEASE branch. The build is now rolling out to the Windows Insiders who are in the Dev Channel. Though there are no new features released along with this build, the build contains some minor changes, improvements, and bug fixes.


Along with Windows 10 Build 21296, Microsoft is now revamping the Clipboard history design, and the ability to manage Storage Spaces from the Settings app. Here's everything that you would like to know about this build.

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In Microsoft Teams, a guest is a person who is not an employee of your organization. A guest doesn't have a school or work account with your organization. Your Microsoft Teams administrator should turn ON the Guest Access in order to allow you to communicate with people outside your organization.


As communicated in December 2020, Microsoft is now making some changes to the default setting for Guests in Microsoft Teams. If you have not already configured Guest access capability in Microsoft Teams, that capability will be enabled in your tenant by default.

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Microsoft announced that the company is now rolling out an approval request app to Microsoft Teams. Once installed, you can quickly start an approval flow directly from the Microsoft Teams chat or a channel conversation. The other party will be notified for approval.


According to Microsoft, the "Approval Request" app will be automatically installed in Microsoft Teams, and by mid of this month it will be generally available to everyone.

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Microsoft recently announced a new personalized Taskbar feature for Windows 10, called "News and Interests". The said feature is already available to Windows Insiders, who are on the Dev channel. Now the company announced some new improvements along with the Windows 10 preview build 21292.


To know what's new and improved in the latest Windows 10 Insiders Preview Build 21292 (RS_PRERELEASE branch), continue reading further.

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Microsoft releases a new Office build for Windows in the Current (Preview) Channel. The latest Office version 2101 build 13628.20030 is now available to Office Insiders with two new changes for Microsoft Outlook client (Win32) and Microsoft Visio.


The latest version of the Outlook client adds an option to make all meetings online by default. Whereas Visio adds refreshed Azure stencils (shapes and icons). Here's the complete changelog for you.

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Microsoft announces a brand new feature called "News and Interests" for Windows 10. The feature is now rolling out with Windows 10 Preview Build 21286. If you are a Windows Insider, and in the Dev Channel, you can upgrade your system to this build to have an early preview of the updated Taskbar.


As the feature is part of the Windows Shell Experience, you will have to restart the system after the update for the changes to take effect. To know more about the feature, continue reading next.

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A new update of Microsoft Edge is now rolling out to the stable release channel. The latest Microsoft Edge now comes with the History and Open Tabs sync feature. In October 2020, this feature was first previewed to the Edge Insiders in the Canary build channel.


If you are a Microsoft Edge user, you can now easily access your open tabs and browsing history across all your devices. You won't require to manually share the links to access between devices.

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Microsoft releases a new Office Preview Build 13617.20002 for Windows users. The latest build comes to the Office Insiders who have registered in the Beta channel. The focus of this build is to improve the overall experience of Microsoft Office applications by providing bug fixes.


According to the official changelog, the latest Office Insiders build 13617.20002 (version 2101) includes a list of fixes for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook client.

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Microsoft releases PowerToys version 0.29.0. The latest version of PowerToys includes several improvements and bug fixes for Color Picker, FancyZones, and PowerToys Run. Microsoft says that the focus of this release was to add stability, accessibility, localization, and quality improvements.


Due to the holiday season, PowerToys will get features such as FZ editor improvements and three new plug-ins for PowerToys Run in the next release. Continue reading to know what has been improved in PowerToys v0.29.0.

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Microsoft Editor is an AI-based free tool to provide spelling and grammar support while writing in any editors to help you write confidently and communicate your message effectively, but you will get additional capabilities to access advanced grammar and style refinements if you have a subscription to Microsoft 365 (Office 365).


Recently, the Microsoft Editor gets a big update that adds the ability to view spelling, grammar, and other intelligent suggestions quickly. It also adds a dedicated and simplified view for a more contextual and accessible review experience.

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Windows 10 version 21H1 is the next feature update coming on the way and is supposed to release in the first half of 2021. The new official documentation reveals that Windows 10 version 21H1 to receive a new feature that will get support for the TLS (Transport Layer Security) 1.3 protocol.


Though the next feature update of Windows 10 won't bring any major features, the inclusion of TLS 1.3 is going to give better and safer transport layer security to the end-user.

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From a security point of view, it is always good to keep your computer system updated at regular intervals. But, it is often seen that the latest Windows 10 updates causing mid to critical issues to end-users. The same happened with the latest security release that affected Windows 10 version 2004 and 20H2.


Though the issue was caused to a limited set of users, resulting in a boot issue and an unusual BSOD, Microsoft now rolling out a fix that will resolve this issue caused by the chkdsk command.

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Google Photos is getting another brand new feature called Cinematic Photos which will have the option to make a 3D-like impact on a portion of the pictures. When you open the Google Photos application, this component will be accessible in the memory section of the same.


Once you update the Google Photos app, the new Cinematic Photos will be visible in your latest highlights at the top of the photo grid.

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