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You might already heard that, Microsoft skips Windows 9 and announces about Windows 10 (code named as: Windows Threshold). Microsoft also released a Technical Preview version for the Windows Insiders to test the latest OS bits to report bugs and feature enhancements.


I have already installed the Windows Technical Preview (aka. Windows 10) and already started exploring the latest bits as and when it comes via the separate Windows Update channel. From the exploration, I am composing few Tips & Tricks and posting it over here in my blog: http://win10tips.kunal-chowdhury.com with links to the actual post.


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  1. Looks like Windows 10 is really the threshold. Microsoft seems to be rolling with this version of the Windows. Kudos to you having come up with such a nice cheat sheet for Windows 10.

  2. some more windows 10 tips and tricks which I know and most of people don’t know are :-
    You Can Open My Computer By Pressing Windows Key + E.
    Windows + A: Brings up the Action Center
    Windows + C: Brings up cortana
    Windows + I: Brings up the settings menu
    Windows + Ctrl + D: Adds new Desktop
    Windows + Ctrl + left arrow/right arrow: Switch between Desktops.
    You can also track your child account onkine activity . Just For this create a child account on your windows PC. Go to your Microsoft account and make sure its turned on.


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